The Danger Our Next Generation Faces

By Guest Writer, Derek Saffie:

The rhetoric of much of the mainstream media is clear: college students are overwhelmingly liberal. This thought has been so ingrained into the minds of the masses, that it is difficult to picture college-aged millennials as anything but whiny protesters.

However, there is a significant college population that does not identify as liberal, nor as conservative. The college students I am referring to are politically apathetic. As a college student, I have witnessed this myself, with much astonishment. There are many millennials who believe their lives are left relatively unaffected by the powers that be. These millennials lack the foresight to realize what is truly at stake.

The average college student is living in a dorm, receives three meals a day, and provided with health insurance, all on their parents’ dime. They are isolated from reality, living in a bubble that often bursts after just four short years. An average college student, at best, is earning a minimal living from a part-time job, and does not experience the full impact of taxes. At the mere mention of politics, these apathetic students feign indifference and rarely get involved.

However, the future is not all dismal. Apathetic college students represent the future driving force behind conservative public policy, and the Republican Party.

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The 2016 presidential election saw the emergence of the GOP’s largest catalyst since Ronald Reagan, Donald J. Trump. Trump was responsible for pouring fuel on the dimming flame of the Republican Party, and the result was tremendous.

Alas, this re-energizing of the conservative movement in America cannot rest in the hands of just one man forever. The GOP needs to focus its resources on educating college-aged millennials on how they will be directly affected, in the present, by the outcome of elections.

We, as conservatives, need to show politically apathetic students that politics does, and will, affect their everyday lives at this very moment. They cannot sit idly by while their education system is ruined by left-wing activists, or while they are physically endangered by the reckless national defense policies of the Democrats.

The time to act is now. If you know a college student, take a few minutes out of your day and demonstrate to them the importance of political involvement and the future of the Republican Party.

About the author: Derek Saffie is currently a junior at Merrimack College where he is majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Science and Religion.
Despite his academic background, he is an aspiring writer, and has experience writing on the subject of history. In June of 2016, he became a published author with his book Historic Tales of Windham.

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