The Cost of North Saint Louis Crime

While “Black Lives Matter” protests erupt against police, communities are damaged by Saint Louis crime and it never makes national news.

Given the facts of human nature and “innocent until proven guilty, it wouldn’t surprise me if some cops get away with some crimes. But that isn’t a factor in blighting the entire region, compared to overwhelming Saint Louis crime.

When one of your two armed security guards that you have at your businesses to serve in the area is robbed at gunpoint for his sidearm, then you can be quite sure that Saint Louis crime is overwhelming. The results in this story are only a small part of the economic cost of crime. When your area is known for robbing people and getting away with it, people who have a choice stay away from your area.

Next time you hear about people being gouged in poor neighborhoods by retailers, think about how much you would have to be paid to work there.

KMOV 4 reports, “North St. Louis health center doctor quits after rise in violence in the area.

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Last week, at the Florence Hill location, two men held a guard at gun point while they stole his weapon. One doctor at that site was so traumatized by the incident that he ended up quitting his job.

“We witness a lot,” said Angela Claybon, the CEO of Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Center.

She went on to describe a shooting in which staff had to save the life of a victim on the front lawn of their main office.

Claybon said every time one of these traumatic incidents happens, they either lose staff completely or staff take long amounts of time off to cope.


Right now, they are five full-time doctors understaffed. This shortage is forcing the doctors and nurses who are still working to put in longer days to meet the demand.

[Note: If you can’t see the video embedded above go to the KMOV story to view it.]

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