The Cosby Trial Shows the Wisdom of Faithfulness–Whatever the Verdict

As the lawyers ready themselves for a second attempt to convince a jury of his guilt or innocence, the Cosby trial shows the cost of violating “conservative principles” is extremely high.

No matter what the outcome, the Cosby trial shows a husband avoids trouble by being a one-woman man.

As the lawyers ready themselves for a second attempt to convince a jury of his guilt or innocence, the Cosby trial shows the cost of violating “conservative principles” is extremely high. I don’t know if Cosby was a rapist, but he obviously embraced the sexual revolution, despite his advocacy of mildly conservative culture compared to progressives. But even if he is found not guilty, he still would have been better off training himself to be monogamous.

In that sense, you could say that Bill Cosby still testifies to the value of conservatism. “Wisdom rests in the heart of a man of understanding, but it makes itself known even in the midst of fools” (Proverbs 14.33).

The Philadelphia Inquirer reports, “As Bill Cosby’s second trial begins, what’s different this time?

The same world-famous comedian – a man once embraced as “America’s Dad” – will be seated at the defense table.

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His accuser, with her unflappable demeanor and distinctive mane of tightly curled hair, will recount again the allegations that helped to destroy his career.

But as Bill Cosby’s retrial on sexual-assault charges begins this week, the second courtroom showdown between the 80-year-old entertainer and Andrea Constand is shaping up to be no simple repeat of the first.

More than 180 potential jurors have been summoned to appear Monday at the Montgomery County Courthouse as lawyers will begin picking the panel that they hope can this time deliver a verdict.

Cosby returns to Norristown with new lawyers and an aggressive new defense strategy that seeks to paint Constand, 44, as a gold-digging opportunist – one who they say once told a confidant of a plot to extort money from the entertainer.

Prosecutors have bolstered their case, adding planned testimony from five additional accusers, including former supermodel Janice Dickinson, whose accounts they hope can secure a conviction.

And as the proceedings, which are expected to last about a month get underway, even Judge Steven T. O’Neill said he is not quite sure what to expect.

“The evidence has changed in this case, pure and simple,” he said during a pretrial hearing Friday. “I don’t know what it is going to look like.”

If anything, the stakes have only increased in the 10 months since the first jurors to hear Constand’s allegations were unable to reach a unanimous decision, sending the case to a mistrial.

Back then, the trial’s inconclusive outcome crushed Cosby’s more than 60 other accusers, many of whom had pinned their own hopes for justice on a guilty verdict in Constand’s case.

Now, amid a moment that has seen other powerful male celebrities like Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer, and Bill O’Reilly fall to past, long-hidden sexual improprieties, Cosby’s lawyers fear the new trial has taken on the weight of an entire #MeToo movement.

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