The CFR’s Presence and What it Means for America

The most obvious conspiratorial element is its secrecy. When an organization remains largely unknown, especially nearing its one hundred year mark, the first question must be why? When its overall focus and intent become known, its reasoning for secrecy become elementary. Suffice to say that there is a beast roaming within our domain and it’s of the insatiable brand.

We are and always have been a kind, giving and trusting populace. Even to our own detriment. This is most clear when sizing up our trust in who we elect and re-elect. We somehow have the notion that tomorrow will bring another day and that he or she will finally hear the constituents and improve.

So our indifference to such a heavy question is engrained with remarks such as; “Say what? In America? What have you been drinking?” And so it goes, apparently so for close to a century.

Well, time has come to strap on our big men and women britches. We have a problem which is quickly arising to the level of a crisis. Aside from the public resistance and governmental obstructionism occurring daily, the agitator stirring this anarchy resides within the confines of the Council on Foreign Relations, which by the way, hardly anyone has ever heard of.

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Often time described, in certain limited quarters, as “the shadow government,” likewise, its thousands of members have earned the nickname of “the insiders” and still, this cabal may earn public acceptance with its common “the Establishment” identity.

The mere fact that few Americans are aware of its existence, let alone its massive influence and growing governmental control is very telling if not scary.

Remaining in the shadows throughout all these many decades is a worthy feat by itself and stands in testament to its immense influence and power. And it is in these shadows that the CFR’s grotesquely successful efforts are best served.

For the curious, the Council’s webpage may describe an existence of being a non-profit/non-partisan outfit intent upon improving the understanding of American foreign policies and international affairs. All very fluffy and lofty images but who nears pinning the tail on such a willowy donkey?

Here’s a more realistic, factual presentation: up to and including the late eighties, the CFR has most recently placed 14 Sec. of State, 14 Treasury Secs., 11 Defense Secs., in addition to presidents Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Billy boy Clinton. And by the way, always being connected with the elite crowd, Chelsea has already achieved her prestigious CFR inclusion.

While Reagan was indeed an outsider, his inner circle, starting with VP Bush was not. Consider the CFR’s ability for filling Reagan’s cabinet with its cadre including, State, Defense, Treasury, his Federal Reserve Chairman, JCS chief, CIA Director and UN Ambassador. Is it any wonder that Reagan’s campaign promise to eliminate the Dept. of Education became dead on arrival following his inauguration?

As far as overall policies, the CFR is the promoter of globalism and climate change; first introduced as global cooling, then changed to global warming. Also high up on their list is a borderless existence for current nations. Such a condition would eliminate independent Nations, nationalism and even cultures. And of course, this would necessitate a universal economic dependency, which is where the CFR’s power would ultimately rest.

One side note; there was some applause when Gen. Flynn was let go but in walked CFRer H.R. McMaster. Now, it is rumored that former Senator Joe Lieberman if the favorite to be FBI Director. Need I mention that this is another CFR stalwart? Might be that misplaced trust and/or limited info does not just reside in the public arena.

Such a picture is hardly a pleasant venue and is in part why this conspiracy continues to be publicly shunned. After all, this is America, it can’t happen here, or can it? Anarchy in the streets combined with an obstructing and dysfunctional government is a formula which will dash the most trusting of souls.

In closing, all this stands threatened if Trump prevails. It is no longer democrat verses republican. This is an open revolt and only one side will win. Just think about what is at stake and what is being the mischief.

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