The Broward County Sheriff Should be Fired!

The culture of incompetence and cowardice in his department is the responsibility of Broward County sheriff.

Since Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel was elected into office, the voters need to fire him if he won’t resign. He is completely responsible for the culture in his department. One school resource officer refusing to do his duty might be an anomaly. But three or four doing so show a culture of cowardice. Teams are supposed to urge their members to do well. These officers hiding outside show no sign of feeling pressured to confront the shooter.

The Broward County sheriff needs to go.

The Federalist reports, “Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel Needs To Resign For Incompetence.”

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The day after the CNN town hall, information emerged that the school’s armed resource officer under Israel’s command, Scot Peterson, had failed to enter the building and confront the shooter during the massacre. In his original response to this revelation, Israel confirmed that the officer should have entered the building to confront and kill the killer.

Yesterday in an interview with a local NBC news affiliate, Israel demurred regarding any responsibility for his officer’s inaction.


Later in the week, reports emerged that another three sheriff’s deputies were also outside of the school, by some descriptions cowering by their cars, when Coral Springs police officers arrived on the scene.


Also, during the response to the shooting, officers viewed security camera footage to determine the whereabouts of the shooter. For several minutes, officers believed they were seeing live images of the killer roaming the second floor of the school. In fact, the footage was on a 20-minute delay and the shooter was on his way to Walmart to buy a soda. The sheriff’s department called this lapse a communications mistake.


In the days since the shooting, as allegations of incompetence and misconduct stacked up, Sheriff Israel has shown absolutely no willingness to accept any responsibility for the gross failures of his department. Yesterday, in an interview with Jake Tapper on CNN, Israel was asked about how his department dropped the ball. His shocking response was the playful old quip, “If ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ were candy and nuts…” Even Tapper, who hosted the town hall and is a former gun control spokesman, seemed shocked. He reminded the sheriff that they were talking about an incident that left 17 people dead.

But that response, as horrible as it was, wasn’t even the height of Israel’s bizarre hubris yesterday. He also claimed he has provided “excellent leadership” to the department. Not only is his assessment of his own leadership delusional, it’s dangerous.

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