The BIG List of Transgender Bathroom Criminal Attacks – Proof that Liberal Policies are Not Safe!

The wonderful folks at Liberty Counsel have taken it upon themselves to educate ignorant liberals about the very real dangers of President Obama’s (and his liberal lackeys) transgender bathroom policies. The Obama administration’s real world assault on our personal privacy will have real world repercussions as our daughters, sisters, mothers and friends are forced into dangerous situations with deviant criminals.

Anita Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, was a guest on Fox News’ Alan Colmes VS to discuss exactly this issue.

The Liberty Counsel didn’t stop with Fox News, they have also been working hard to gather together as many incidents of transgender criminality in restrooms as possible, in an effort to prove anecdotally just how bad this idea really is. Over at the Liberty Counsel’s website they’ve collected more than 50 separate instances of transgenders gone criminal, and we’re going to showcase a few of those for you here.

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Please make sure to go to the Liberty Counsel website for the full list:

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