The Best Reason to Support Trump

I support him because the alternative is Maxine Waters’ Antifa commandos and Colorado’s reeducation camps.

Those of you who chided conservatives for saying that 2016 was a Flight 93 election? It’s time for you to eat crow.

If Hillary had won, the Supreme Court would have destroyed free speech today.

If Hillary had won, SCOTUS would have created an environment where only Democrat Presidents get to exercise Presidential powers.

If Hillary had won, Masterpiece Cakeshop would have been a 5-4 decision that ended religious freedom in America.

If Hillary had won, June 2018 would have been the end of freedom in America.

The fact that I support Trump does not entail that I think character is unimportant, or that I think Trump is a man of good character.

It’s a simple recognition of political reality.

We live in a country where every powerful institution and every large corporation competes to support Gay Pride in the most effusive terms.

We live in a country where the most popular book/movie series is *literal pornography* and the most popular TV shows are basically pornography.

We live in a country that has slaughtered 60 million innocent children.

We live in a country that elected the tyrant Barack Obama. Twice.

We live in a wicked country full of wicked people.

I would love to have the chance to vote for a man of high character who pursues policies even more conservative than Trump’s.

That would be amazing.

I didn’t vote for Trump in the primary, and I was fierce in my opposition to nominating him.

I’m also concerned about the possibility of him creating a backlash.

But George Washington isn’t walking through that door.

A country as degraded as ours doesn’t *want* the kind of traditional conservatism you and I would support.

I don’t support Trump because I think he’s the great Orange Messiah.

I support him because the alternative is Maxine Waters’ Antifa commandos and Colorado’s reeducation camps.

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