The Best Democrat Candidate Just Dropped Out, Slamming Hillary Clinton as He Left

Jim Webb (D-VA) is a moderate Democrat, and by moderate Democrat I mean that he is a crazy liberal. However, even as a liberal, I can honestly say that I respect and appreciate Webb for standing by the things that he believes. He may be too liberal for me, but the truth is that he was far too conservative for today’s Democrat Party… which is why he has decided to walk away from the race.

In his farewell press conference, Webb chose to take a few parting shots at the establishment of the Democrat Party, as well as at Hillary Clinton herself. This last act of rebellion just adds to the reasons that Webb became our favorite Democrat over the last few months.

In his comments he explained that he was dropping out of the race because he now realized that he is out of step with the core of his party. Alluding to the fact that many Democrat voters seem to happily support an avowed socialist like Bernie Sanders, Webb said that he was no longer “comfortable” with some of the policy beliefs of the party, and for this reason, he was ending his campaign for the Democrat nomination.

“I fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and the nominating base of the Democratic Party.”

Webb also took a parting shot at Hillary Clinton for the disgusting way she labeled her Republican opponents “enemies” during the first Democrat debate.

I didn’t think the Democrat Party could get any uglier… but it just did.

You can read Webb’s entire announcement here.

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