The Antisemitic Biden and Obama Team



Biden points out in the NY Post that Netanyahu has led Israel in the wrong direction.  Yet he forgets that Arabs are stabbing Israelis all over the streets and decapitating people throughout the world. All bigoted Biden can do is pick on Israel.


Well, America’s new anti-Jewish sentiment is typical of Obama’s regime which is filled with Muslims and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.


Democrats have become the new fascists. They jump abroad self-hatred because they are afraid to stand up for themselves.  They are afraid that they will look like self-defensive Jews and encourage their own annihilation.


When Obama first came to office Netanyahu offered to take out Iran’s nuclear reactors and Obama threatened to take out Israel’s planes first.  Now Israel is facing nuclear extinction. And Biden and Obama are saying they question if Israel is democratic.


Any Jew with a brain has to question if the current Democrat administration has become anti-Semitic? We do not want to help the Nazis shove us in the ovens.


We should protest against Obama, Biden and the Democrats. They are the current misguided Nazis even though they imagine they are the liberal defenders of the blacks and the Jews.


Give us back George Bush who was a friend of Israel although the Democrats thought he was a Storm Trooper.  How could my people be so stupid as to be fooled by this anti-Semitic administration?

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