The American Right’s Last Election

Guest Post by Edgar Soto

Vast segments of the American population have expressed cynicism toward this election and the candidates involved. This is a destructive attitude to have due to the stakes involved in this very election. A Clinton victory is a continuation of the status quo and the selling out of our country to corporations and foreign authorities.

We can already see this through President Obama’s support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Hillary Clinton’s “private position” involves support for the TPP as well. The Trans-Pacific Partnership will place corporations in the position of God. The ISDS (Investor State Settlement Dispute) will allow foreign investors to sue governments outside the legal systems of the host nations. A famous example is Philip Morris suing the government of Australia for loss of profits. Thankfully, Australia came out the victor in the lawsuit.

Hillary Clinton will also increase the amount of Syrian refugees arriving in the United States. In a country already facing racial division, this will further complicate the issue. If the ethnic makeup of a country is changed, the country itself is changed. This can be seen in simple things such as the amount of Mexican and Asian restaurants in the United States along with the amount of multilingual signs and services nationwide.

By 2065, there will be no ethnic majority in the United States if current trends persist according to Pew Research Center. What this means politically is that Republican influence in America will be on the decline since non-whites overwhelmingly support the Democratic Party. It will be extremely for the right in America to regain influence over American policy. In an interview with blogger Stefan Molyneux, Ann Coulter stated that American political battles in the future will be divided between Democrats belonging to different non-white ethnic groups if things continue as they are. America’s Anglo-Saxon and Western European derived society will be compromised in the name of diversity.

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Hillary Clinton is a prostitute for corporations and foreign governments. She is more than willing to sell out the United States for her crooked puppet masters. Much of her donations come from Wall Street and the One Percent. For a long time, the transcripts of her speeches to various Wall Street entities were not even available to the general public. Secretary Clinton has also expressed contempt toward those who support Donald Trump and those who supported Bernie Sanders by calling them “deplorables” and “basement dwellers” respectively. Politically, conservatives may be at odds with Bernie Sanders and his supporters, but they share similarities with them as both groups see a problem with the status quo.

Most importantly, there is the prospect of nuclear war under a Hillary Clinton presidency. Hillary has constantly antagonized Russia and Iran. She has a proven track record of being a warmonger and destroying countries. Her policy decisions in Libya, Syria, and Iraq have not only created ISIS, but have created the refugee crisis troubling the world today (especially Western Europe).

Hillary Clinton does not have the will of the American people at heart, only the will of those who pay for her. She constantly claims to be against the One Percent while shaking their hands and taking their money. Mrs. Clinton is the textbook definition of a hypocrite. As Donald Trump has said, a Hillary Clinton presidency will be another four years of Obama. If Hillary Clinton is elected to become the President of the United States, the world as we know it will cease to exist.

In contrast, Donald Trump is not paid for special interests or the One Percent. Interestingly, Trump has minimal support from Wall Street. This should speak volumes about his candidacy. Donald Trump represents the opposite of the status quo and truly the anti-establishment candidate. During this election cycle, the media has gone to great lengths to shed their remaining credibility and their illusion of impartiality.

Trump will curtail illegal immigration and immigration as a whole, arguably preserving the demographic makeup of the United States. If immigrants wish to come to the United States, great care must be taken to ensure that America will still be a place capable of welcoming immigrants. Reckless liberal immigration policies will make sure that this is not the case.

Donald Trump is also open to cooperation with the Russian government and scaling back foreign military interventions across the globe, thus pulling America back from the brink of global war. Being the world policeman is taking its toll economically and will eventually end one way or another. Whether or not this will be a favorable ending remains to be seen. Donald Trump’s presidency will be an indicator of a more favorable ending to American military adventures throughout the world.

Pundits have speculated that this election is one of nationalism versus globalism and they are right. America’s national sovereignty and demographic integrity is at stake. In fact, this is the truth for much of the Western world. The successful Brexit referendum was only one step in the right direction, Donald Trump’s victory will be another step and an even bigger one.

The ball is in the court of the American people and the people must choose wisely, especially those who are on the right. There is too much at stake to allow for a Democratic victory in 2016. This is especially true for a candidate such as Hillary Clinton. This election is a fight for survival. If Donald Trump and the right do not emerge victorious in this battle, the lynchpin of Western civilization will be lost to globalism.
When Americans go to the polls, they have to consider the seriousness associated with this election. Do Americans want a sovereign country or a piece of real estate shackled to globalism? Do Americans want law and order or anarchy? Do Americans want World War III or do they want a détente and a future of strength and cooperation worldwide? It all comes down to the outcome of this election.

About the author:  My name is Edgar Giovanedgar-sotoni Soto. I was born at Keller Army Hospital in West Point on February 20th, 1998. I am a military brat, patriot, and staunch conservative. For a while, I’ve been wanting to get my hands dirty in the ideological battle between liberalism and conservatism and would be honored to write for a conservative news outlet. Despite what the media has force-fed people of color about Trump, I have transcended their lies and thrown my support behind him in the name of the betterment of our great country.

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