The Trump Revolution: Introduction and Chapter I

Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

I am writing this book in hopes that it would contribute to the current American Revolution. This period might mark a serious turning point in the American History.

The thoughts that I am going to demonstrate in this book have been rolling in my mind for a long time. These thoughts were growing heavier as I kept monitoring the political, economic and social changes that marred the United States since the regional and international trade agreements were signed in the 1990s.

Expressing these thoughts was useless, because it was like diagnosing an illness and knowing how to treat it, but the patient was not aware and did not care; and no surgeon wanted to take the job.  Now, the people of America realized that there is something wrong, a leader who is willing and capable of fixing the wrong has emerged. I hope that my words will resonate and make a difference.

I hope that those who are on – what I see as – the right side of the debate will find it assuring. I hope, as well, that those who are on the other side will find thought-provoking arguments that they might consider.

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Despite having limited time between my teaching duties and researching until the end of the semester, I found that there is an urgent and time sensitive message that has to be conveyed to the American People during this critical period of United States history. I thought that I could wait on this book until the summer, but the pressing events and the aggressive anti-Trump campaign made me scramble to finish it in extremely short time.  So, I ask for forgiveness from the readers if I missed or misrepresented an idea.


Chapter I

What is going on? Is there really a revolution?

If we look at the current events of the 2016 election, we will figure out that there is something different about it. Strange scenes, actions, statements etc. For the first time you see the two parties, their candidates, the ultra-rich people and the mainstream media, you see them all, acting in a hysterical manner. All of them are allied in one camp against Donald Trump.

The above would tell us that the national election has started already. This election is between the current political system and a brand new movement. When you say a movement that is trying to cause a dramatic change on a current system, then you are talking about a revolution.

Who is revolting and against whom?

The revolution is always against an existing ruling class, the elite, with all of the elements that belong to them. The revolution is carried out by the people whom the ruling system has failed. The revolution can start in one region of a country where it spreads to another, or by one group of people and again, it would spread to another.

The people are usually angry, but they are not aware precisely of what is going wrong. Here would come the role of the leader who would emerge and lead the revolution. Quite like patients screaming out of agony and complaining about their symptoms, and finally having a doctor to lead them out of their misery.

So, is there a reason that would make the people revolt? Yes, there are many reasons. Who was wronged by the ruling elite? The answer is everyone.

Let us make the statement in blunt words:

The American People have started a revolution under the leadership of Donald J. Trump, and the ruling elite are scared to death.

As we go through this book, we will spread our hopes. The tasks that we are talking about are much bigger than what anyone can imagine. It is a dramatic change. Looking at the size of the opposition to Trump can show you how dramatic the change is that we anticipate. The only reason that might ease the confrontation is the abilities of Trump as a negotiator. These abilities are factors among other factors that make Trump the right man for the job.

Trump is carrying in his hand a magic wand made in America, not in China. It is called the patriotic Americans. Without this wand, Trump cannot do anything what we are hoping for. The ruling elite will try to buy him or threaten him. So, we have to embrace Trump. We have to stand around him and protect him.

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Mohamed Hamada’s book The Trump Revolution is available for FREE here until the election. 

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