The Alabama House of Representatives Moving to Define Life as Beginning at Conception!

The legislature of the state of Alabama is moving to end abortion within the borders of their state by passing new law that would define life as beginning at conception!

Alabama’s HB 300 would amend the state Constitution and force an end to the legalized slaughter of Alabama’s children. Rep. Ed Henry who sponsored the bill defended his bill saying, “As we talk about the stages of life … eventually, our life ends. But it all begins [somewhere], and we have to determine where it begins. And to me, science makes it clear that it begins at fertilization.” Alabama OB/GYN, Dr. Jim Belyeu, concurred with Henry when he testified before the legislature that from conception the mother and child are two separate entities. “The mother only contributes the egg and the incubator. The baby initiates the process of implantation. Scientifically, pregnancy has been long recognized at beginning at fertilization, so anything that would prevent implantation would be considered abortion.”

Pro-life advocates expect that the bill will receive opposition from the usual suspects, as well as from the fertility industry.

In cheering the bill on their website, Personhood Alabama, added a note of concern:

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We expect HB300 to receive great opposition from in vitro fertilization (IVF) clinics throughout the state as well as the Birmingham based National Infertility Association (RESOLVE). RESOLVE has already pledged to lobby against the amendment and to force the Health Committee to change the amendment to only protect prenatal children after they have been implanted in the womb. This change would allow IVF clinics to continue the barbaric and completely unnecessary practice of killing “undesirable” children in the embryonic stage of life.

This latest attempt by a conservative legislature to defend the lives of the unborn underscores the importance of our next presidential election. If we do not nominate and elect a conservative to the White House, laws like this one are doomed to destruction at the hands of a liberal Supreme Court. Conservatives, now is the time to stand up for life, for liberty, and for everyone to have the opportunity to pursue happiness… even if their parents don’t want them to.

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