The 2016 Elections Won’t Matter without a Deeper, Cultural Change


Our dear friend and colleague Jonathon Dunne has a new venture that we think you’ll love. He’s now podcasting, from his home in Ireland, for the Blaze radio network. Dunne, or Irish Jon as we affectionately call him, is a wonderful supporter of our great nation and he’s been trying to immigrate to the USA (legally) for over a decade. In my opinion, Dunne is far more American than most of the people who’ve actually been born in our fair nation. Why? Because he fights for us, he fights for a better America, and he fights for our culture and values even though he’s thus far been locked out of our land of promise.

He recently discussed something that I believe is of great importance to us all. In a recent podcast Jonathon argued, and I agree, that the 2016 elections won’t matter if we aren’t able to affect a deeper cultural change in our nation. Sure, we might win and get a Republican elected President… but nothing will change if we don’t win the argument at a deeper level.


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Listen as the brilliant “Irish Jon” (Jonathon) Dunne explains.

I have a challenge for every American – Take Off your Political Glasses!!! In this podcast I will try explain why there is no political solutions to the problems America faces today. I break down recent history of the political promises of 2010 and 2014 and how nothing has changed. I also speak about the history of the 1980’s and how parties changed the history of both Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

I firmly believe it is time to follow a new path and I start to lay out a brief road-map of the future of freedom and the America people. Lastly I also take some time out to address some of the “non-sense” statements coming from the GOP and Media about who is fit to be President in 2016.

You can listen below or by clicking here for Soundcloud or ITunes.

Please consider checking out the podcast and if you enjoy it, sharing with your family and friends. I really appreciate any support I can get. Lastly feedback is always welcome, so please get in touch if you have any questions or disagree with me on any of the content. God Bless over you always. JD

P.S – In case you missed last weeks first podcast with The Blaze, you can listen here: It’s Time to Ignore the Nay-Sayers America and Dream BIG!!!


Check out Dunne’s Great Website, Freedom’s Disciple, to See and Hear More Great Content.

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