Texts & Emails Reveal Police Told To Stand Down #SilentSamStatue

Chapel Hill police chief told officers to ‘stay way out’ as the Confederate monument was toppled by protesters.

Should this police chief be forced to pay for the damage and relocation of the statue out of his own pocket?

Disgraceful… putting first politics instead of action. Police Chiefs are ordering rank and file officers not to enforce the law. It is the Democratic Party’s and the Antifa’s way.

Daily Wire:

Newly obtained text messages and emails reportedly reveal that police officers were instructed to stand aside as on August 20 protesters toppled the “Silent Sam” statue placed at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill in 1913 in memorial of alumni who served in the Confederate Army.

WRAL-TV reports that it received 400 pages of emails and texts sent to and from Police Chief Chris Blue around the time of the protest. The texts show that he told someone to “[m]onitor the masked folks,” and “[k]eep our folks off McCorkle place for now.”

At 9 p.m. he reportedly sent a text saying “let’s give them lots of space,” referring to the protesters. “Yes but do not engage w Crowd at statue. Stay way out,” another text said. More

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I wish the alumni would withhold their donations from these liberal colleges and students would stop enrolling. The only way to stop these indoctrination centers is to dry up their money otherwise this kind of crap will keep happening.

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