Texas Murder Suspect Hid Body, Threw Party in Victim’s Home

A Texas man allegedly murdered an elderly woman and then hid her body. As if that were not sick enough, he invited people over to the 71-year-old woman’s home to throw a party.


How screwed up in the head do you have to be to not only take a person’s life, but then discard their body and throw a party as if nothing is wrong??

Michael McClendon, 45, is currently being held on a $500,000 bail for the capital murder of Norma Rae Kakacek, who was found dead of multiple stab wounds and a cut throat after she missed two appointments last Tuesday and failed to show up to work the next day, KDFW reported. According to The Dallas Morning News, McClendon told a few friends he was “house-sitting” for his aunt and invited them over to Kakacek’s home, but warned them that the garage — where the victim’s body had been hidden — was “off-limits.”

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When police arrived at the gruesome scene, they said they noticed the victim’s Lexus SUV was missing and traced it to Reginald Taylor, 37, who claimed McClendon had picked him and two women up in the vehicle earlier that week and brought them to the house. McClendon then gave Taylor and the others a tour of the home, and the four of them smoked marijuana and drank alcohol in the house for a few hours. According to Taylor, McClendon allowed him to drive the Lexus “to go buy some more weed.” When he returned, McClendon was nowhere to be found, so he left with the vehicle, police said.

Authorities reported that they were given a tip on McClendon’s whereabouts. The scumbag was using the older woman’s credit card to pay for a room at a nearby hotel. Then, when police arrived and arrested him, they found Kakacek’s blood on his shoes.

He also had a safe full of paperwork that belonged to the elderly woman’s husband, a plastic bad of meth, and a glass pipe. Go figure.

He told investigators that he was not at the home at the time of the murder.

Police also arrested Taylor on a charge of unauthorized use of a vehicle, and he is being held on a $250,000 bail.

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