Texas Democrat Party Official Accused of Funding a Vote Fraud Ring

A North Texas woman has been arrested and charged with running a vote fraud ring with money provided by a Democrat Party official, authorities say.

A North Texas woman has been arrested and charged with running a vote fraud ring with money provided by a Democrat Party official, authorities say.

The participation of the Democratic Party leader was revealed in court documents filed by the Office of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

So, who was arrested? As reported by Breitbart News:

Leticia Sanchez was charged with 17 felony counts of voter fraud following an investigation by Paxton’s office. Sanchez, 57, allegedly paid her co-defendants to target elderly voters in select northern Fort Worth precincts in the 2016 March Democrat Party primary election to affect the outcome of certain down-ballot candidate races.

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Breitbart obtained the court documents which stated that “after learning that state police investigators were in Tarrant County interviewing voters and members of her vote harvesting group,” Sanchez sent a text message to her daughter, Leticia Sanchez Tepichin, “conveying a message from Sanchez and Stuart Clegg” that the others involved in the ring should not cooperate with investigators. The message, written in Spanish, told Tepichin to “advise immediately” that a group of “malicious people” were investigating “our work” and “our boss Mr. Stuart.” She also advised them that a lawyer was in charge of the matter and they should tell the lawyer immediately if they are approached by anyone with questions.

Previously, Breitbart reported the AG’s Election Fraud Unit said the women carried out their ruse by “seeding” or proliferating mail ballots to the targeted precincts through forged signatures, altering historical applications, and resubmitting them without the voter’s knowledge.

And where did the money come from that funded Sanchez’ operation?

Breitbart reports it was a local Democrat Party official:

The state’s newly filed notice of intent to introduce evidence in the Sanchez criminal case alleged that Stuart Clegg, then Tarrant County Democratic Party executive director, funded the alleged voter fraud ring’s criminal activities.

According to reports, this ring would sometimes “assist” voters while filling out the ballots for the voter and instead of marking the ballot the way the voter wanted the fraudsters would fill out the ballot for Democrat candidates.

Let’s hope that Texas authorities look deeper into this ring to see just how much the Democrat Party knew about these fraudsters and just how much support they were given by the party.

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