Terrorist Attack Kills Four – Palestinians Cheer!

At least four people were killed and six wounded in a central Tel Aviv terror attack Wednesday evening as two Arabs walked into the Sarona Market and went on a shooting spree.

At least four people were killed and six wounded in a central Tel Aviv terror attack Wednesday evening as two Arabs walked into the Sarona Market and went on a shooting spree. The terrorists were identified by Israeli authorities as 21-year-old cousins from Yatta, which is south of the city of Hebron  One gunman was wounded and taken to the hospital; the other was arrested.

The shooting occurred at the popular Max Brenner restaurant (its more of a dessert cafe) at the Market which is famous for its chocolate desserts:

The restaurant’s manager said, “I was sitting in the restaurant, and they got up and started shooting. Before that, they had ordered something to eat and acted like any other customer…They had bags with them; they didn’t shout anything, just took out their weapons and started shooting.”

Another guest named Tomer, was at Sarona to enjoy what was what a was described as a beautiful evening, was “sitting outside and a round of bullets (were fired). Everyone started running. This is not like a normal terror attack. The shots were fired for at least a minute. There was a large panic, and we were asked to go inside the building. They held and kept us (there), and then they came to check that we were okay. We are waiting for them to open the roads so that we can leave. We have not seen such a thing in a long time.”

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Information is still sketchy but this attack is unusual for a few reasons…


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