Terrorist Attack in Canada – Radical Muslim Attempts to Murders Two Canadian Soldiers in Hit and Run


The threat of homegrown radical Muslim terrorism continues to grow ever more severe. The likelihood that we see more attacks like the beheading in Oklahoma is increasing, and a recent double murder in Canada is proof of that.

Early Tuesday morning, a Muslim man that Canadian federal authorities had been monitoring, used his car to try to murder two Canadian soldiers near the city of Montreal in Quebec. He succeeded in killing one and sending the other to the hospital.

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One of two Canadian soldiers hit by a car in an apparent terrorist attack has died of his injuries. Quebec provincial police said he died early Tuesday. The soldier’s name was not released at the request of the family. The other soldier’s injuries were described as less serious.

The suspect was shot by police, and later died, after he struck the two members of the Canadian military with his car in a city near Montreal. Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman David Falls said Monday that the suspect “was known to Federal authorities” and “authorities were concerned that he had become radicalized.”

This threat is all the more terrifying because we have no hope of monitoring EVERY single Muslim that may have become (or may become) radicalized! There are millions of Muslims living in North America, there are thousands of mosques, and millions of opportunities for this type of terrorism to take place. There is no way that North American police and government agencies can monitor all of the potential threats…

As sad as it is to say this – we must prepare ourselves for more stories like this latest terrorist attack in Canada. We may be fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda over there… but the enemy is already here as well.

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