Terrorism Not Ruled Out in USS Fitzgerald Crash

Military officials are not entirely convinced that the collision between the battleship USS Fitzgerald, and a Japanese cargo ship was just an accident. Upon looking at further details and piecing together all the facts, they are considering the possibility of it being both intentional and a terrorist attack..

First of all, the cargo ship made a U-turn prior to hitting the USS. A U-turn in which the company who owns the cargo ship denies happening. They also say the incident happened nearly an hour before the US Navy reported it.

The cargo ship also conveniently hit at the exact area were there would have been a hundred or so sailors sleeping. The cargo ship hit so hard that it created a ten foot gash, and the Fitzgerald came extremely close to sinking.

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The US Navy lost seven sailors in the collision. Their names are as follows:

Dakota Kyle Rigsby
Xavier Alec Martin
Shingo Alexander Douglass
Nico T. Truong Huynh
Noe Hernandez
Carlos Victor Ganzon Sibayan
Gary Leo Rehm Jr.

Watch here for the entire report:

ABC Breaking News

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