Terrifying Reason Police take Kids from their Parents

The overreach of the government is in the news again. Instead of going after terrorists and spending time tracking down known criminals, the state of Arkansas is harassing a family with seven children who homeschool and have never had a run in with the law – not even a speeding ticket.

What’s their crime?:

“A ‘miracle’ mineral treatment alleged to be a remedy for cancer and AIDS is at the center of a law enforcement search warrant. The investigation ended in the removal of seven children from their home in Garland County.

“The family has cried foul, saying only the father has taken it and it’s mostly used for purifying water for their garden.

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“The substance in question is referred to as ‘MMS’ or Miracle Mineral Solution. The FDA has weighed in on the substance citing serious health concerns reporting that it can turn into a potent bleach and cause nausea, vomiting and diarrhea if taken.”

Instead of coming to the family to warn them about the legal substance owned and used by millions of people with books about MMS sold on Amazon.com, the police approached the family as if they were an offshoot of the Branch Davidians and the father was a David Koresh wannabe.

MMS is used in Africa, and some drug companies are conducting test trials. read this frightening report on this act of governmental tyranny at Medical Kidnap.

The fact that the children are schooled at home may have something to do with the strong-armed tactics of the police.

According to Michelle Stanley, “one of the agents spoke to her about the living conditions of the house. ‘Oh this is nice and your kids are great,’ she shared. ‘That’s what was giving us hope that this thing’s just going to be over in a few minutes.’ At about 9:30 that night, however, things changed. Suddenly the door opened … and there were six or eight of them, came in the door, marched in there,’ Hal [Stanley] showed. ‘Fully armed Sheriffs and people stood there and said we’re taking the children for 72 hours.”
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