Ten Examples of Liberal Violence Just This Month

Here are ten examples of liberals resorting to violence in just the last two weeks.

Liberals like to pretend they are the more adult, more loving, more logical side of the political debate, but in truth they are just the opposite. Hate-filled, violence prone, emotion driven, and dangerous. In fact, here are ten examples of liberals resorting to violence in just the last two weeks.

Led by demagogues like Rep. Maxine Waters, liberals have been whipping up their followers with Women’s Marches, Pussy hats, impeachment rallies, Antifa riots, campaigns of harassment, and attacks on judges. And the hate-filled rhetoric and exhortations to violence are getting results.

Sadly, we will likely see this hate grow until someone is killed by a crazed liberal (not that they haven’t already tried — I cite James T. Hodgkinson)

So, here are some examples just in the last few of days of violence and threats of same from the left:

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Liberal threatens to rape a conservative woman

Liberals vandalize the Metropolitan Republican Club in New York City

MNSBC “Reporter” Nicole Wallace Urges Jeb Bush to Punch Donald Trump

MSNBC “Deadline: White House” host Nicole Wallace admitted on Thursday that she once encouraged Jeb Bush to physically attack then-candidate Donald Trump after a heated debate during the 2016 Republican primary race.

Pro-Abortion student physically assaults the President of Stanford’s College Republicans

The physical altercation occurred at Stanford University on Tuesday, as a female leftist was arrested for battery for getting in the face of a College Republican and then shoving him in the chest.

Pro-Abortion Supporter Beats Pro-Life Activist on Toronto Campus

The incident was captured on video at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada, and shows a woman shoving Katie Somers, a pro-life advocate with Toronto Against Abortion.

North Carolina Middle School Posts ‘Fuck Trump’ Sign Outside School

Last week a local writer in Raleigh saw a school message board outside the school bearing the message “Fuck Kavanaugh.” But when she posted about the sign, a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools spokesman proclaimed the accusation to be “fake news.” However, now the school is apologizing for the offensive sign.

Minnesota Grade School Teacher Posts Message Urging Someone to Kill Justice Brett Kavanaugh

A teacher in the Rosemount, Minnesota, public school system has been placed on leave after it was discovered that she wrote that some one should kill Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The teacher eventually resigned her position as a special education educator.

Portland Antifa Attack Motorists

A driver plowed through protesters in downtown Portland on Saturday. The old man made mistake by stopping his car and getting out.

They were literally one block away from the police HQ, but Mayor Ted Wheeler ordered Portland Police to stand down and let the rioting mob destroy the city, vandalize property, and assault citizens. Police rushed in to arrest anyone who defends themselves against the mob. If the police appease bad behavior they should expect to just get more of it.

Pro-Abortion Supporter Round House Kicks a Female Pro-Lifer in Toronto

The leftist was later identified as Toronto hairdresser Jordan Hunt who not only lost his job but was later arrested by police and charged for the assault.

Seattle Man’s Truck is Firebombed Just Because He Had a Trump Bumper Sticker

And these were just in the last week! Imagine if we go back to the 2016 campaign for president. We’d have hundreds to report.

… well, suffice to say that the only dangerous people in America today are Muslim jihadis and Democrats.

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