Ten Countries that Hate America (And Ten that Love Us)

A recent Pew Poll of the planet shows how attitudes towards Americans are changing, as well as offering insight into the world around us.

Let’s just get this out of the way right from the start… while we may perceive that the rest of the world hates us, the truth is that the majority of the planet actually looks on us favorably. Some 65% of the planet sees the USA in a positive light.

So, that’s reassuring.

Unsurprisingly, our image is worst in the Muslim world. We are seen most favorably in Africa and Europe; Latin America and Asia all view us about equally (and generally positively).  But in the Muslim world our image takes a big hit. Perhaps it has something to do with women’s equality, or not killing homosexuals, or our general defense of Israel but whatever the problem – Muslim countries don’t like us.

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Our 10 (actually 11) biggest fans are the Philippines, Israel, South Korea, Kenya, El Salvador, Italy, Ghana, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Tanzania and France. (Yes, France.)

Our 10 biggest detractors are Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Russia, Palestinian Territories, Greece, Pakistan, Lebanon, Tunisia and Germany. (The only real “surprise” here is Greece – but Greece has had problems with us for a few years now. Germany is still mad that we’ve been spying on their Chancellor.)

The fact that Israel loves us and Palestinians despise us should tell you that, thus far, our foreign policy has been pretty pro-Israel. However, other numbers tell an interesting story. Over the last few years, our numbers have been improving among Palestinians – why? It likely has a lot to do with the Obama administrations schizophrenic view on Israel — seemingly supporting Israel in public, while undermining Israel at every practical turn. The Israeli situation is truly emblematic of the Obama Presidency. We have a White House that seems to believe two completely opposite things on every issue!

Another interesting tidbit for fans of freedom…

It’s plain to see that while Americans may not pay attention to world news, the world is paying attention to American news.

Over the last couple of years, the world has lost a lot of faith in the idea that the USA values personal freedom. Across the board people recognize that personal freedom is not valued as highly by our government today, and that freedom in America has obviously eroded under the Obama administration. Today, some 58% of the world believes that America still respects individual liberty.



It’s kind of sad that the world is losing faith in our devotion to liberty, isn’t it?

I wonder if Obama would blame this on Bush too?


Anyway, here’s how each nation of the world sees us in case you’re interested…

U.S. Favorability

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