“Teens” Rioted, Rampaged, and Robbed in Theme Park; Police Arrested Two [VIDEO!]

Over a hundred people were fighting for no reason, but the police arrested two and let the rest go.

The police arrested two and the theme park downplayed the entire incident. The whole episode is portrayed as a series of inexplicable, spontaneous fights. But in the middle of the story we are told that mobile phones were stolen. The news report doesn’t bother to tell us if those were stolen from people involved in fighting or if the phones were grabbed from others.

And, of course, the youths or teens are not described in any other way that might be relevant for evaluating the challenges of law enforcement.



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CBS San Francisco reports, “Great America Increases Security After Chaotic Night Of Teen Fights.

Saturday night at Great America’s Halloween Haunt turned ugly after witnesses said groups of young teenagers crowded into the park and got into a series of fights for no apparent reason.

As one fight started between teens, other teens would swarm around to shoot video, which seemed to encourage more fights.


Santa Clara police said as many as 100 young people were involved in the fights. Some customers sustained minor injuries. Others reported their cell phones were stolen.

Santa Clara police report they made two arrests […]

A spokesman for Great America reported there was an incident that required police to be called and insisted the park did not evacuate or close early.

Read the entire news story.

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