Ted Kennedy’s Son says “Everyone Loved Him”

Powerful Democrats, unlike powerful Republicans, are often remembered fondly by the media, and Ted Kennedy (D-MA) will likely be no different. As a case in point, this past Sunday, NBC’s Chuck Todd took a private tour of the Edward M. (or Ted) Kennedy Institute in Boston, Massachusetts. The piece largely treated Kennedy with kid gloves, fawning over his long political career. It even included this interesting moment when Ted Kennedy’s son, Patrick, revealed the reason he believed “everyone loved” his dad.

We’re in a period of history, like many others, where we get encapsulated and think, “This is gonna be the way it always is.” It’s not. It’s gonna change. The key is, how is it gonna change? Are we gonna move it towards better days ahead?

Or are we gonna, like, think, “Oh, it’s all for naught,” and not even begin to try? So my dad was always an optimist. I mean, having overcome so many of his own personal challenges and political challenges. I mean, this was a guy that everyone loved. Why? Because he persevered. And what does this Senate need to do, but persevere and become the place that my dad wanted always for it to be. And that’s a place where major conflicts were resolved for the national interest. Not for either party’s interest, but for the national interest.


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Um. I’m sorry to be the one who has to break the bad news to you, Patrick… but not everyone loved your dad. In fact, I’d put the “love” at 50-50… at best. See, as well as being a United States Senator, Ted happened to be a drunken murderer who enjoyed philandering.

Some people find that kind of behavior distasteful and not to be emulated or revered.

Also, your dad wasn’t always about the “national interest” as opposed to his party’s interest, either. You seem to have forgotten the time in 1983 when your dear old dad tried to team up with the Soviet Union in an effort to make President Reagan look bad. I mean, your pops was willing to work with the Soviets just to play some silly partisan games.

There are more than a few of us who think that your dad should be remembered as a lout who got away with murder, rather than as “the lion of the Senate”.

You can watch the entire piece on the Institute and remembering Ted Kennedy at NBC News.


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