Ted Cruz vs. HBO’s True Blood – Cruz Wins!

HBO’s latest episode of True Blood was pretty specific in attempting to shame and degrade Republican voters – specifically supporters of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). In the fictional world of vampires, Senator Cruz was holding a fundraiser at the George W. Bush Presidential Library when a group of foul-mouthed vampires and other assorted gang-bangers burst in, slaughtering the gathered Republicans. It was a disturbing display of how hypocritical and fantastical Hollywood can be.

Liberals spend hours frothing at the mouth about Republican “violence” because of our support of the 2nd Amendment, they yell about “bigotry” because of our support of traditional family values and morality, they whine about “hate” because of our economic and social beliefs… but whenever they get the opportunity, they produce detestable material like this episode of True Blood.

Movies like God Bless America, Red State, the Purge, Butter, Game Change, W., Nixon, Fair Game, Recount, Redacted… and so many others are pure and unadulterated Republican hate-fests. These movies are clear attacks on the Republican Party, politicians and voters – but Hollywood markets them as “entertainment.”

Can you imagine if a TV show did what True Blood did but used a popular Democrat politician instead? There would be a mass outcry from liberal advocacy groups. The din would be unbearable… but no, Republicans simply shrug their shoulders and say, “We’re used to it.”

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Thankfully Senator Cruz had a great social media response to the attack from HBO.

(By way of the indomitable Steve Deace.)

An episode of the HBO vampire series called “True Blood” included a bunch of Texas Republicans being massacred at a Ted Cruz rally. Here was Cruz’s brilliance response:

“Of all the places I never thought to be mentioned, HBO’s ‘True Blood’ would have to be near the top of the list. Sunday night, they aired a misogynist and profanity-ridden episode where Texas Republicans are murdered attending a Ted Cruz fundraiser. Well, I’m sorry to have lost the vampire vote, but I am astonished (and amused) that HBO is suggesting the hard-core leftists are blood-sucking fiends. Then again, I never had a chance with the vampire vote, since the dead tend to overwhelmingly vote for Democrats.”

We sure do love Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

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