Ted Cruz tells Pastors Stand with God on Marriage and be on “The Right Side of History”


Over the weekend, the [score]Ted Cruz[/score] (R-TX) campaign for President released their latest advertisement, arguing that America’s best days lie ahead. The ad explains that with the right leadership and plan, our nation could turn back the terrible liberal policies that have been foisted upon us and have served to crush our economy, our spirit and our prospects. Cruz says that the same spirit which made the 20th Century the American Century still exists within us and that it simply needs to be reignited through conservative, pro-growth reforms.

Here’s the ad:

America’s Best is Yet to Come

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The advertisement reminded me that Senator Cruz has long argued that the surest path to returning America to prosperity was conservative reforms – not just economic and political reform but moral and social reform as well.

Back in April of 2015, Senator Cruz asked America’s Pastors to stand against government tyranny and for the Word of God in the fight for traditional marriage.

How can the church rise to the occasion in this situation? Along with my friend David Lane of the American Renewal Project, I urge you to consider the following – 

Ted Cruz Christian 1)    Preach about biblical marriage on Sunday, April 26.
We know that marriage is intended to be sacred, beautiful, and nourishing. If you do not influence your congregation’s understanding of marriage, who will fill the void? Hollywood? Divorce courts?
2)    Lead prayer services on Tuesday, April 28.
Prayer moves our God to intervene in history. Prayer softens our hearts and brings us into alignment with the heart of God. The church has not shared the truth about marriage well: it is time to repent and commit ourselves to courage on this front.
Regardless of what happens in the Supreme Court, or anywhere else, we know that the truth will never be obsolete. The union of man and woman in marriage will always be relevant. People will continue to need marriage, and to desire it – because we are made in the image of God, creatures who value authentic companionship and intimate connection.
That leaves us only one question. Will we be on the right side of history, the side occupied by the Author of history? Otherwise we will fall victim to the fashions of the times.

Will we discard an institution, ordained by God, which has brought so much stability and happiness to the human family? Or will we stand in its support? 

But it wasn’t just on marriage that Ted Cruz has led us. Cruz has also led the fight to defend the rights of every American, even the most innocent and helpless among us, the unborn.

Abortion is the stain on our nation’s modern history. We should end it…

As Solicitor General of Texas, I was proud to successfully defend a federal law that bans partial birth abortion and to lead 18 states in defending New Hampshire’s parental notifications laws, both cases that we successfully won at the Supreme Court, marking two significant victories for life. While neither of these measures remove the scourge of abortion entirely, they continue shine the light on the atrocity and move us closer to doing so.

During my time in the Senate, I have continued to fight for life. I am an original cosponsor of the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, to ban abortions after 20 weeks. I introduced a measure to stop the D.C. Council from forcing organizations to fund abortion services. And when Texas State Senator Wendy Davis and an army of abortion advocates tried to squelch legislation designed to protect the unborn, I proudlystood with the vast majority of Texans to protect the rights of the unborn. Each battle for life has shifted the culture, and we are seeing public opinion increasingly recognize the inherent value and dignity of every person, born and unborn.

It is woven into the very fabric of our national character to cherish life. Now it’s time to back the promise of the Declaration with our deeds. Now is the time to take action. I believe we can restore a national affirmation for God’s greatest gift to us — life itself.

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