Ted Cruz sings Amazing Grace… to the tune of Gilligan’s Island

Watching this very short video of a Ted Cruz stop at First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas I was struck with a realization that helped me make some personal sense of the rise of Ted Cruz. I happen to believe that Ted Cruz has a very good chance of being the next President of the United States, and that is a thought that makes me very happy. However, along with the rise in his probability of becoming President has come attacks on his character from the Left, the Establishment, and the supposed-Right.

One of the first salvos they launch against Senator Cruz is that he is both self-serving and fake. I’ve had some conservative friends echo these sentiments, saying, ‘he’s not sincere’ or ‘he seems scripted’. I get why they say this, but I happen to thoroughly disagree.

Watch just the short section of his comments at First Baptist, and then I’ll explain why I think Cruz is as “real” as it gets in Washington, D.C.

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Amazing Grace to the tune of Gilligan’s Island and he learned it while a student in his Christian High School.

For those of us raised in the Church in the South, every word out of Ted Cruz’s mouth rings absolutely true.

Ted Cruz strikes people as different because his political training ground wasn’t the debate class in the public university, but the preacher’s sermon in his childhood church. When Cruz speaks, he’s not giving a political speech, he’s delivering a sermon on American politics. While other candidates try to adopt the language of believers to win their support (think Hillary Clinton speaking in a fake southern drawl), Cruz doesn’t have to try to speak our language, because it’s his language too.

I just don’t think most Christian Americans are used to hearing that from politicians so when they do, it startles them.

The establishment cronies in D.C. can mock, deride and slander Cruz all they want – but regular Americans see him for what he is. He’s one of us, and we love that about him.

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