Ted Cruz says “Conservatives are Winning!”

“The impossible becomes possible when we shine the light, tell the truth, and empower the American people.”   — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

“What I’m going to talk to you about this afternoon is how we can win. And let me tell you something that is not getting a whole lot of coverage in the mainstream media: Conservatives are winning.”  — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Joel Gehrke of the National Review has a great piece up about Senator Ted Cruz’s speech during the recent 2014 RedState Gathering in Fort Worth, Texas. Senator Cruz may have gotten the award for most uplifting speech, because it was all about how we conservatives are “winning!”

TedCruzCruz argued that the grassroots movement (not the GOP establishment) had won fight after fight recently, and he wanted to focus in on seven “fights” in particular. Five of these have already been won, and two more were “fixin’ to be” won.

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Victory #1 – Stopping gun grabber legislation in its tracks after the horrible Newtown shooting.

“I was proud to stand with my friends Rand Paul and Mike Lee and say we would filibuster any legislation [against the Second Amendment. That gave the opportunity for y’all to engage . . . suddenly all the folks that were getting wobbly on guns started having their phone lines melt down.” 

Victory #2 – Stopping a bill that would have given the International Monetary Fund (IMF) more of our money.

Victory #3 – A bill that denies admission to U.N. ambassadors who the president deems have been engaged in terrorist activity against the U.S. or its allies.”

Victory #4 – Getting persecuted Christian, Meriam Ibrahim, out of Sudan and “home” to the United States.

Victory #5 – Pressuring the government to get the FAA to lift its flight ban to Israel.

The last two victories have yet to happen – but their time is coming!

One of them is a House bill that was just passed that would end “President Obama’s amnesty,” and the other is the fight to stop Obamacare.

Gehrke thinks that Cruz’s speech is a likely indicator that he will certainly be working hard to be the Republican nominee for President in 2016. He points out that Cruz’s entire speech seemed to play up his Presidential credentials, while also highlighting his close bond with the grassroots and his animosity with the GOP establishment.

In other words… Cruz is the ultimate “people’s” candidate

“The impossible becomes possible when we shine the light, tell the truth, and empower the American people.”   — Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

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