Ted Cruz on the Imperial Obama Presidency and the End of Checks and Balances

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has been busy over the past week as he continues working towards the White House in 2016. He mixed it up with the New York Times over his support for the 2nd Amendment, he called on Pastors to Preach God’s Word on Traditional Marriage, and now he’s trying to educate Congress on our Constitutional Checks and Balances.


In a recent Facebook Post he said:

The Framers built checks and balances into the Constitution to prevent the President or any other branch of government from consolidating and wielding all power But these checks and balances have failed to stop President Obama’s lawlessness.

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The reason for this failure lies in Congress’s refusal to fulfill its constitutional role. For far too many members of Congress, partisan loyalty to the President and ideological commitment to his goals outweigh any interest in asserting their own institutional rights and prerogatives as the people’s representatives. They are all too willing to hand power over to the President.

A Congress populated with enough partisans of the President—not to mention those who simply lack commitment to defend their constitutionally appointed role—will not stand up to the President, even as he takes their power away.

In the absence of a functioning system of checks and balances, the only way to put a stop to presidential lawlessness is for the American people to rise up and demand it.


cruz obamaHe then followed it up with a guest essay over at Constituting America, denouncing Obama’s Imperial Presidency and decrying the apparent demise of our system of checks and balances. The essay explains, using documentation and historical precedence, just how far afield the Obama presidency has gone from what our framers intended. He also outlines the deplorable job that Congress has done reining in President Obama’s lawlessness.


Under President Obama, America has witnessed an unprecedented expansion of presidential power.  This is not merely the observation of political opponents.  Liberal law professor Jonathan Turley—who voted for President Obama—has reached the same conclusion:  “We are seeing the emergence of a different model of government in our country—a model long ago rejected by the Framers.” “What’s emerging,” according to Professor Turley, “is an imperial presidency, an über-presidency . . . where the President can act unilaterally.”

At any other time in our history, it would have gone without saying that this is not how our system of government works.  Article I of the Constitution vests Congress, not the President, with the sole power to legislate.  Article II, by contrast, charges the President with the responsibility to “take Care” that the laws enacted by Congress be “faithfully executed.”  Given this division of power, the President cannot act until Congress does.  But President Obama sees congressional inaction, not as a limitation on his power to act, but as a license to act.  This is the logic of Caesar, not the logic of a president in a constitutional republic.


Sadly, Senator Cruz is one of the few men willing to consistently stand against the excesses of the Obama administration. Even as the GOP controls both chambers of Congress, they’ve done little to slow down Obama’s Imperial Presidency, refusing to fight against his executive actions, his foreign negotiations or his unconstitutional excesses. Instead, the GOP has preferred to “play it safe” and has allowed the President to use our Constitution like some kind of ancient toilet paper, stopping his desecration only to pay lip service to the founders and their work when it suits him.

We need more Ted Cruz’s in Congress and in leadership. You could do far worse than to support him for President, and I’d ask you to seriously consider his candidacy.

Read his entire Essay on Obama’s Imperial Presidency and the death of Checks and Balances.

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