Ted Cruz is “Cruzing” to Victory in Iowa

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) has just done something BIG in Iowa.

Senator Cruz just scored another major endorsement in the key early primary state of Iowa. Evangelical conservative leader Bob Vander Plaats has stepped out and offered his full support for Senator Cruz. Vander Plaats is the president of the conservative Christian organization, the Family Leader and has been a “kingmaker” in Iowa Republican politics for years. While the Family Leader has chosen not to make an endorsement, on Thursday Vander Plaats finally made his choice public.

“The extraordinary leader that we need for these extraordinary times is U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz… We will be going all in for Sen. Ted Cruz. We have found him as a man of deep character. A man that we can fully trust, who has a consistency of convictions, who loves his god, loves his spouse, and who loves his family. We also see him to be very, very competent. Not always popular, but very competent. He has challenged both sides of the aisle. He understands what it’s going to take to get the country out of the mess that we’re currently in. We believe that he is exceptionally competent and that adds to his extraordinary leadership…

We have believed for a long time if we’re united, we will win, if we’re divided, we’re going to repeat 2008 and 2012. We will be uniting, and we will be going all in for Sen. Ted Cruz.”

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I know that you’re probably thinking, “So he got an endorsement, every candidate gets endorsements… so what?” Let me explain.

With Vander Plaats endorsement, Cruz has finally scored the triumvirate that every other GOP candidate was hoping for. Over the last couple of months, Cruz had already secured endorsements from Iowa’s most influential talk radio host, Steve Deace, Iowa’s most influential politician, Congressman Steve King (R-IA) and now he’s locked down Iowa’s most influential evangelical, Bob Vander Plaats. This trinity of endorsements should secure Cruz the victory in Iowa.

Yes, Donald Trump is still running strong in Iowa (Trump and Cruz are neck and neck in the polls), but these endorsements have traditionally won the state for the candidates who received them. With Cruz having been able to secure all three endorsements – his victory in Iowa seems like a “no-brainer.”

Cruz is positioned to dominate the “SEC primary,” and he’s running well in South Carolina. If he does indeed win in Iowa, it could make the primary process very one-sided, as conservatives across the country may well flock to line up behind Senator Cruz’s nomination. Don’t underestimate Iowa’s importance in 2016… it could mean everything.

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