Ted Cruz Hosts Cooking Class – Teaches Us How to Make Machine-Gun Bacon!

I’ve never understood the hate that seems to get thrown Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) way.

Regular people who vote Democrat seem to dislike him as much as they dislike dentists who trophy hunt, and I’m just not sure why.

Cruz isn’t corrupt like Hillary Clinton, he’s not a liar like Bill Clinton, he’s not a socialist like Bernie Sanders and he’s not an inept (or completely competent but America hating) destroyer of everything American like Barack Obama… so maybe that’s why they don’t like him? But if they just paid attention to WHO Ted Cruz is, I bet more of them would appreciate his likable charm and easy going personality.

They could at least appreciate his sense of humor.

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Recently Ted Cruz’s wonderful sense of humor was on display again when he put on a nice little cooking class and gun show for the folks at IJReview.

You read that right– it was a cooking class/gun show and proving that Cruz is 100% American, he made sure that the main course dish was everybody’s favorite…. BACON!

Watch, enjoy, but don’t get any bright ideas.



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