Ted Cruz Goes Behind Enemy Lines- Gives Interview with Chris Matthews on MSNBC

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) recently joined Chris Matthews on his MSNBC show, Hardball. Cruz was on to discuss a whole range of issues that he’ll be dealing with as a Presidential candidate but he and Matthews zeroed in on Cruz’s battle against the establishment, his stand on Donald Trump and his take on campaign finance reform. I would be willing to bet that most MSNBC viewers were likely surprised that Cruz wasn’t a flaming demon when he appeared on camera, but I thought he did acquit himself well. Cruz was affable and responded to the questions he faced with clarity and with conviction.

Ted Cruz: Well, yes. You mentioned what happened with the debt ceiling, and the opening chapter of the book describes what happens behind closed doors in the Republican lunch…

And it’s entitled “Mendacity.” It really highlights what I try to do. Look, I recognize not a lot of your viewers are likely to be Ted Cruz fans. But if your viewers are wondering, All right, why is this guy fighting for what he’s fighting for, if your viewers are wondering what happens, what happens behind closed doors in the Senate, what this book tries to do is really shine a light on the corruption, on the role of money, and it takes on both parties.


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