Ted Cruz Fires Up the Crowd at the Americans for Prosperity Summit!


It seems that everywhere Ted Cruz goes he becomes the fan favorite. This is becoming the general routine of the GOP campaign for President, and you have to think that at some point this momentum will begin to grow more obvious in the polls. While Donald Trump is still the frontrunner, it’s Cruz who has been energizing the traditional, activist base of the GOP. He did it at CPAC, he did at Red State, he did it in Iowa, and now again at the Americans for Prosperity (AFP) Summit in Columbus, Ohio.

Here’s how AP reporter Thomas Beaumont said it:

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was the hands-down favorite of the Americans for Prosperity annual summit in Columbus, Ohio, this weekend, if the number and volume of ovations during the speeches of five presidential candidates who addressed the annual convention of tea party activists was the measure…

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Cruz, the tea party favorite since his 2010 election, sparked deafening cheers in the Columbus Convention Center auditorium even before he took the stage, entering to the 1980s power anthem “Eye of the Tiger.” During his speech Saturday, he went on to promise to “repeal every word of Obamacare,” and” rip to shreds this catastrophic Iranian nuclear deal.”

Each of Cruz’s lines was met with applause and cheers from the more than 3,000 activists.

This excitement that Cruz is generating continues to contribute to his rise in the polls and his rise among the GOP establishment. Just a few short months ago there was no scenario which could be considered that would lead to the establishment agreeing to support Cruz… but then came Donald Trump. Now, the establishment is being forced to seriously consider the outsider Cruz as a possible contender to be an “insider” candidate.

Here’s what Cruz had to say at the AFP Summit. See if you can tell why the base has so much love for the Senator from Texas.

Jim Geraghty at the National Review gives a short summary of Cruz’s remarks:

Cruz began by listing his agenda for the first day in the Oval Office, beginning with rescinding “every one of President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive actions!” “Obama likes to say he’s got a phone and he’s got a pen,” Cruz said. “You live by the pen, you die by the pen. My pen has got an eraser!” Cruz said his next priority would be to instruct the Department of Justice to “investigate Planned Parenthood and prosecute any and all criminal violations by that organization!” Cruz said he would rescind America’s participation in the Iran deal…

Finally, Cruz declared, “I will instruct the Department of Education – which should be abolished – that Common Core ends today!” Cruz offered his half-joking proposal to abolish the Internal Revenue Service and reassign all the employees to protect the country’s border with Mexico. “Imagine you’re going through the blazing heat… you’re crossing the Rio Grande… and the first thing you see is 90,000 IRS agents! You would turn around and go home, too!” Cruz joked.

Cruz also discussed how he’d rescind the Iran Nuclear deal and move the American embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to “Jerusalem, the once and eternal capital of Israel!”

Needless to say, the crowd loved Cruz’s speech and raucously showed their appreciation at every opportunity.

Folks, Ted Cruz isn’t perfect, but he may very well be the closest thing to Ronald Reagan to come down the GOP pike since the Gipper himself. Conservatives, this is a man to stand with, and now is the time to do it.

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