Ted Cruz Explains Why He Won’t Repeal Obamacare on Day One of His Presidency… and we Love Him for It!


I will happily admit to being a big fan of Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX). I’ve heard all of the naysayers talk about his personality or his obstinance, but honestly, most of that stuff is the reason I like him! We need more leaders willing to stand up and fight against the liberal tide even when, no, especially when the GOP mainstream is part of the tide. Ted Cruz will do this.

How do I know?

Because Ted Cruz has always done this. He has always stood for conservative values and principles, even when his party told him to bend. He has always defended the Constitution, liberty and Judeo-Christian values, even when culture abused him for doing so. Ted Cruz stands and so we are happy to stand with him.

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Another example of why I love Ted Cruz recently occurred when Cruz spoke with Jake Tapper on CNN’s State of the Union this past weekend. Cruz and Tapper were discussing President Obama’s efforts to force gun control on Americans without first passing those laws through Congress when Cruz brilliantly explained the difference between himself and Obama.

“I’ll get questions in town halls – Will you implement this policy that we really care about – and my answer over and over again, so for example I’ve had people say, ‘Will you end Obamacare on day one?’

 And my answer has to be no.

 Now listen, no one is more committed to ending Obamacare than I am, but a president doesn’t have the constitutional authority to end it on day one, because it’s a statute passed into law by Congress.

The only way to end it is to repeal that statute, so I will work with Congress and do everything humanly possible. We will repeal Obamacare, but unlike Obama, I don’t intend as president to be – to use his word – an emperor, simply decreeing the policy outcomes I like. I intend to follow the law.”

You might not like Cruz’s honesty here, but this is exactly why I am such a big fan of his. While the rest of the corrupt politicians in Washington may be willing to continue the trend of Obama’s lawlessness, Ted Cruz is not. Cruz respects us and he respects Congress, even if Congress doesn’t respect itself. We need a President with the moral fortitude to stand up and say: I will not allow myself to be corrupted by the power that President Obama has accumulated in office. I will respect our Constitution and I will respect the office of President and I will negate the precedents that Obama has by acting in accordance with our laws. We desperately need our next President to be the anti-Obama, particularly on the issue of Executive Power. Which is why we need Ted Cruz.

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