Ted Cruz and What it Means to be a ‘Natural Born Citizen’

There has been a great deal of informed and misinformed discussion on the topic of the meaning of ‘natural born citizen.’ This has all come into play, first, because of questions surrounding Barack Obama’s citizenship, and, two, because of Ted Cruz’s dual citizenship (Canada and the United States) and the fact that he was born in Canada when his father was not a United States citizen.

It’s a call for consistency. If conservatives were attacking the legitimacy of Obama’s presidency because of the ‘natural born citizen’ requirement, then conservatives should be equally consistent with Ted Cruz.

The best way to interpret the Constitution is to study documents that were written at the time of its drafting, especially if those secondary documents were written by some of the same people who had a hand in the Constitution.

The document that comes to mind is the Naturalization Act of 1790. A careful reading of the document will show that Ted Cruz meets the necessary qualifications of what it means to be a ‘natural born citizen.’

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