Ted Cruz – All America Should Stand with Houston’s Pastors!

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is beloved by conservatives for his willingness to take the “unpopular” route in politics. When his fellow Republicans look at issues like gay marriage, abortion, illegal immigration, spending, deficits, etc., etc., etc… they get scared and act like politicians.

When the questions get hard those other Republicans get squeamish and start speaking out of both sides of their mouths–choosing not to defend their conservative beliefs because of reelection worries.

Not Ted Cruz. Ted Cruz speaks truth to power no matter who’s standing in the audience.

The wonderful Senator from Texas is doing it again. This time standing with Christian Pastors in Houston, Texas against the oppressive city government. Local Christians have been fighting a city ordinance that would allow men to use women’s public restrooms and the lesbian mayor has responded by demanding they turn in their sermons for review!

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Well Ted Cruz isn’t having it… and he’s asking Christians from all over the nation to join him in standing with Houston’s Pastors.

Take a #StandWithPastors at www.standwithpastors.com.


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