Teacher Caught Texting Student, Dad Hits Teacher with Baseball Bat

If a 42 year old man was texting my 15 year old daughter – I think I might have the understood right to beat that man with a baseball bat. Perhaps this is what went through the mind of a Maryland dad who discovered some odd texts on his daughter’s cellphone.

The texts came from the 15 year old girl’s 42 year old male teacher – and the girl’s parents did not like what they found in the texts. The parents say that they found many “inappropriate” texts on their daughter’s phone and called police about the matter around 3:00am. The problem for the girl’s parents was that the police didn’t feel that the texts themselves contained any evidence of criminal behavior. The police also could not find any other evidence of inappropriate conduct between the 42 year old man and the 15 year old girl.

“There’s nothing we’ve seen in the contents that’s criminal,” Baltimore County police spokeswoman Elise Armacost told News Net 5.

However, things took a turn later that morning when the gross old man showed up at the family’s door, hoping to speak to the father.

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They spoke for several minutes (the police are not releasing the details of the conversation), but when the father asked the man to leave, he refused.

(Can I just get in an aside here? If a man I think is a predator hunting my child refuses to leave my home… I probably would have responded with something more “aggressive” than a baseball bat. This “teacher” is lucky to be alive…)

When the 42 year old texter of little girls refused to leave, the father grabbed a nearby baseball bat.

“The girl’s father then struck the teacher with a baseball bat,” the police press release stated, adding that the teacher “sustained minor injuries” from being bludgeoned.

Police arrived not too long after the altercation with the bat. Fortunately for the family, the teacher didn’t press charges for the assault, and fortunately for the teacher the family didn’t press charges for trespassing. Authorities will continue to investigate the relationship between the teacher and the child, but if the man knows what is good for him he won’t venture back onto that family’s property again.

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