The Tea Party Still has Fight!

With the defeat of Eric Cantor (R-VA) this week, many observers realized what we in the conservative  camp of the GOP had already known – the Tea Party is by no means dead. Perhaps the Tea Party label took a back seat, but we Tea Party conservatives are still alive and active. And we are a force to be reckoned with.

Not only did we topple Eric Cantor in Virginia, but we also took down the oldest representative in the House two weeks ago.

Representative Ralph Hall at 91 years is the oldest member of the House of Representatives. He’s been representing his district in Texas since 1980, but his 34 year run is now over. He was defeated two weeks ago by Tea Party candidate and former US Attorney, John Ratcliffe.

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The primary battle was not particularly harsh, as both Hall and Ratcliffe kept things fairly amicable, and Ratcliffe never seemed to focus on his opponent’s age, but reminding voters of it nonetheless (through his “new generation”slogan). While Hall is hardly a moderate, let alone a liberal, he had been in Congress for over 30 years and the time had surely come for someone else to take up the reins. Local conservative and Tea Party groups seem convinced that Ratcliffe will stand for conservative values as the new Congressman from the district.

tea partyNow, Conservatives are turning our attention toward Mississippi, where RINO Thad Cochran will have to compete against Chris McDaniel in a runoff in just a few short weeks. Cochran isn’t going down without a fight, though, as can be seen by his recent comments calling McDaniel an “extremist.” Why is he an extremist?

U.S. Sen. Thad Cochran went on the offensive in Hattiesburg on Tuesday, calling his opponent Chris McDaniel “an extremist” who would hurt Mississippi with indiscriminate cuts to federal spending…

Um, that sounds like the kind of extremist most conservative WANT in office, doesn’t it?

Cochran is very worried, and it’s starting to show as he has begun slinging mud, even though he knows that if he loses his words could hurt McDainel in November when he runs against a Democrat. Which just goes to show… Cochran is only in this for himself. Cochran has thus far avoided the dirty politics, but if he does decide to pounce on Cochran, he could bring up the fact that Cochran seems to be losing his handle on things lately. Cochran has already made several embarrassing mistakes on the campaign trail, as he’s seemed confused by even easy questions about Obamacare, at times. He’s not as old as Rep. Hall, but his age may be catching up with him…

These are interesting times for conservatives. Hopefully we can keep the Cantor momentum going and deliver a few more conservatives to D.C.

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