Tea Party Gets the Last Laugh as Judge Orders IRS to Pay $3.5 Million Settlement for Gov’t Harassment

With Barack “the Commissar” Obama finally out of office, a federal judge has awarded the Tea Party the last laugh over the IRS by ruling that the government pony up a $3.5 million settlement for Obama’s IRS harassment of the Tea Partiers.

You’ll no doubt recall how Barack Obama illicitly used the power of the IRS as a weapon to destroy people whose politics Obama did not like. Back in 2008 and later Obama’s jackbooted Internal Revenue Service used its power to harass and retard the efforts of hundreds of center-right groups by piling onerous requirements on them and threatening them with IRS actions if they did not comply.

It was all a campaign to get them to close up shop and quit their efforts to push a center-right message. Commissar Obama was attempting to use the power of his office to shut down political opposition — the most un-American thing that can be done, an act that violates our first principle, indeed our very First Amendment, at that!

Well it has taken a decade, but a federal judge has finally sided with the patriots and fined the IRS $3.5 million for abusing its powers.

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According to the Washington Times:

A judge late Wednesday signed off on the settlement between the IRS and hundreds of tea party groups, closing out the last major legal battle over what all sides now agree was unwarranted and illegal targeting for political purposes.

The IRS agreed to pay $3.5 million to groups that were wronged by the intrusive inspections, and insists it’s made changes so that political targeting can’t occur in the future.

A few issues are still being fought over in the courts — including whether former IRS senior executive Lois G. Lerner will be allowed to forever shield her deposition explaining her behavior from public view, and whether the IRS should pay attorney fees — but this week’s decision closes out five years of litigation over the targeting itself.

“It shows that when a government agency desires to target citizens based on their viewpoints, a price will be paid,” said Edward Greim, the lawyer who led the class action case in federal court in Cincinnati.

The $3.5 million closely approximates the fines the IRS would have had to pay in damages for each intrusive scrutiny of tea party groups, had the agency been found in violation of the law. The money will be split with half going to the lawyers who argued the case and the other half to more than 100 tea party groups, which will get a cut of about $17,000 each.

The judgement may be “fair and reasonable,” as Judge Barrett put it, but the better outcome would have been putting Lois Lerner and even Obama the Red in jail for their crimes against the U.S. Constitution.

But at least this was a vindication of those center-right groups who charged Obama’s thugs with an abuse of power.

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