Taxfeeding Teachers Demand More from Taxpayers

Hearing teachers demand is like listening to locusts loudly chirping for farmers to allow them devour of the crops.

Why does the media let teachers demand more as if they have the moral high ground?

Hearing teachers demand more is like listening to locusts loudly chirping for farmers to allow them to devour more of the crops.

In almost every line of work, a person has to convince an employer to willingly pay him. But not teachers. Rather than quit and work for someone else who recognizes their (supposedly) immense value, they simply refuse to do their mediocre work unless the government shakes down taxpayers more on behalf of teachers.

New York Magazine reports, “Red-State Teacher Unrest Just Keeps Spreading.

Eight Kentucky school districts — including those in Louisville and Lexington — are closed today as teachers stay home to protest the GOP legislature’s destructive “reforms” of their pension system. Oklahoma teachers are planning to strike on Monday despite winning a $6,100 pay raise. And Arizona teachers rallied at the state capital on Wednesday and are threatening to strike if their demands for major pay raises and restoration of education funding cuts are not met.

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As this wave of unrest among teachers spreads nationally, it’s clear it has been inspired by the nine-day strike that won West Virginia teachers (and other state employees) a pay raise earlier this month. But there’s something more fundamental going on than copycat protests. We’re seeing a teacher-led backlash against years, and even decades, of Republican efforts at the state level to cut taxes and starve public investments. This is very clear in Oklahoma, where a quick pay raise the legislature passed this week is deemed by teachers to have missed the larger point:

“While this is major progress, this investment alone will not undo a decade of neglect. There is still work to do to get this legislature to invest more […]” Alicia Priest, president of the Oklahoma Education Association, said…

There’s a scam where a group of toughs finds an isolated and perhaps demented elderly lady, paints her house without her permission, and then takes her to the bank and gets her to withdraw a large amount they say she owes them.

Teachers are the same kind of criminal.

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