Take the Hamas vs. Hummus Challenge!

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has become a phenomenon that has swept across the nation, thanks in large part to social media.

The good folks at the pro-Israel organization Stand With Us are trying to capitalize on the trend with an all new challenge. They are calling it the Hamas vs. Hummus challenge and it is brilliant, funny and may actually work to help our friends in Israel.


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Eagle Rising has been a proud and vocal supporter of Israel’s right to exist and it’s right to defend her people – and we will continue to do this. We have faced much criticism (which you’ve seen if you read the comments section), but we are happy to deal with the negative attention if we can educate just one person on the evil that is Hamas.

hummus-challengeNo doubt in this video you notice that the center Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldier is quite obviously American (or at the very least spent a lot of time in America). This should remind us of the close ties we have with our sister nation Israel.

Israel is the only Western Democracy in the Arab world. Israel is the only nation in the region that gives equal rights to women, minorities, homosexuals and other subculture groups. Israel is the only nation in the region to vigorously protect freedom of religion for all of their citizens.

Israel is not without sin — what nation is? But Israel is the good guy in the fight against Hamas.

Hamas is part of the Muslim Brotherhood. Hamas is friends with Hezbollah, al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. Hamas believes that Israel should have no right to exist. Hamas is the bad guy.

We proudly stand with Israel and we encourage those who can to take the Hamas vs. Hummus challenge and help support the IDF!

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