T-Mobile Store Refuses to Serve On-Duty Police Officer Until He Takes Off Gun

An Oregon T-Mobile cell phone store refused to serve an on-duty police officer because he dared to enter the store with his service weapon on his belt.

An Oregon T-Mobile cell phone store refused to serve an on-duty police officer because he dared to enter the store with his service weapon on his belt. Now T-Mobile is apologizing for the actions of their ignorant employees.

Detective Ryan Brown of the Grants Pass, Oregon, police department reported on Monday, October 8, by that a local cell phone store reused to serve him unless he took his gun off and left it in his vehicle.

According to the report:

Det. Brown was in the T-Mobile store talking about new phones with an employee when another employee came out from the back office and told him to take off his gun, his wife said.

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“He advised them he was a police officer, and they stated that they have a no gun policy in their store,” she told Blue Lives Matter. She said the employee specifically told Det. Brown to go put his police duty weapon in his car.

Det. Brown, who is a veteran officer with more than 20 years of service with the Grants Pass PD, told the employees that he wasn’t going to remove his weapon because he was on duty with a badge.

The T-Mobile employees insisted that Det. Brown leave the store, his wife told Blue Lives Matter.

The detective started to leave, and then turned back and asked if he could have a printout of his account so he could close it out. But he said the employees refused to give it to him and asked him again to leave.

“I was appalled, but my heart also broke a little bit for him,” Brown’s wife added. “Someone that has given so much to this community for so long – it felt like a slap in the face. Almost as if they were giving him the middle finger instead of saying thank you for protecting us.”

After Det. Brown told the world about his story, T-Mobile apologized and fired the employee who refused to serve him.

“We have investigated this issue at one of our independently owned and operated stores in Oregon,” T-Mobile Executive Vice President Jon Freier wrote. “While isolated at this one store with their employee, it’s clearly unacceptable. We will be taking the appropriate actions to ensure this does not happen again.”

Brown noted that he is satisfied with the company’s final actions:

“He pulled video surveillance and said that the employees’ statements of what occurred were not consistent with video,” she told Blue Lives Matter.

T-Mobile also reached out to Blue Lives Matter and said the incident that occurred did not reflect the company’s policies, and “we promptly investigated last night, that individual is no longer associated with the T-Mobile brand.”

Well, a good outcome, however it is another example of how hate-filled and un-American these liberals are.

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