Syrians Cheer President Trump for Doing What Obama Never Could [VIDEO]

Across the world wide web Syrian Muslims are praising President Trump and thanking him for doing what President Obama never could.

Perhaps the most stunning display of thanks was broadcast on CNN for the world to see. A Syrian survivor of the chemical weapons attack in 2013 appeared on CNN to tearfully thank President Trump for giving a voice to the Syrian people. He then chastised American liberals for being hypocrites. He asked them how they could pretend to care about refugees, marching to oppose Trump’s travel ban for example, but none of them marched when Assad killed dozens of people with chemical weapons last week. Even worse, NONE OF THEM marched when Assad killed 1300 Syrians with chemical weapons back in 2013 and none of them marched against Obama when he drew a “red line” and then failed to do anything when Assad crossed it.

However, it wasn’t just this young man on CNN who spoke out in support of President Trump. Across the Muslim world his supporters began populating the Internet with their praise for his willingness to defend them which was something Obama refused to do.

Arabs on social media are showering US President Donald Trump with thanks and praise after he ordered the first direct US military action against Syrian government forces…

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Shortly after, some Arab social media users started referring to the president as Abu Ivanka – Father of Ivanka, as a sign of respect and endearment.

Others referred to him as Abu Ivanka al-Amreeki – Father of Ivanka the American, complete with a religious beard.

trump post

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There were still many more tweets and posts of support, Townhall reports:

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