Syrian Christians Still Blacked Out by the Mainstream Media

Bashar al-Assad is the only realistic protection for Syrian Christians and other religious minorities.

Syrian Christians are mostly ignored by the mainstream media, which is intent on focusing instead on fake “moderate” rebels. These Jihadists would mean the end of the Syrian Christians if they ever got into power. Assad, for all his faults, is an enemy if the Islamists (including ISIS) and a willing protector of the Christians

Lifezette posted, “What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About Syria’s Christians.” Father Benedict Kiely writes:

On one of my visits to Iraq to assist the persecuted Christians driven from their homes by ISIS, my translator was a young Syrian who had ended up — as many Syrians did — in the refugee camps of Erbil. He was an Assyrian Christian, one of the oldest Christian groups in the Middle East, and actually came from the city of Raqqa, the headquarters of the so-called Caliphate of the Islamic State. Rabby spoke perfect English, albeit with a strong American accent; he also spoke Arabic and Aramaic, the ancient language spoken by Christ.

I asked him how a 21-year-old from Raqqa spoke such good English — “watching six seasons of Game of Thrones,” was his answer. He told me that when the uprising against the Assad regime had begun in Syria he, along with many of his friends, had been in the streets protesting with the others. Now, he said, he supported Assad without question.

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What had changed? I asked him. The answer was simple: He had seen what the alternative was — and it was far worse.

Read the full Lifezette story.

The following video clip isn’t Christian and some of the college students say silly things. But how do you think that culture would change if the Jihadists mercenaries were victorious?

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