Swift Justice: Jihadist Blown Up During On-Camera Interview


This is what happens when a man chooses a life of violence and evil. Justice… cold, hard, fast and loud.

The Daily Caller is reporting that a new video that has been posted to the Internet seems to show the very sudden and violent death of a jihadist while he was mid-interview with a Syrian journalist.

The video begins with the jihadist standing center screen and speaking to the camera. He continues for about five seconds before he suddenly turns and takes cover as the sound of incoming artillery can be heard. The terrifying whistle of the artillery shell can be heard loud and clear and the ensuing strike lands just behind the now dead terrorist. Also killed in the strike was the Syrian journalist Ahmed Abu Hamza who had been conducting the interview with the jihadist.

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Please be warned, this video is graphic and does show the final seconds of a man’s life.

 A Google translation of the YouTube description of the video:

أحمد أبو الحمزة وثق استشهاده بعدسة كاميرته ، ومن قبله وسيم العدل ، ومن بعده ” الله أعلم ” ، قذيفة الحقد من معان التي استهدفتنا في تل سكيك كانت كفيلة بإنهاء مسيرة الإعلامي أحمد أبو الحمزة (سوفت وير ) حيث كنا معاً ، مصطفى أبو عرب ، محمد الصالح ، قاسم سلوم ، علي ابو الفاروق ، عنصرين من اجناد الشام

“Ahmed Abu Hamza documented martyrdom lens of his camera , and before him handsome Justice , and later ” God knows ,” shell hatred of gloss that Astahedvtna in Tel Skaik was enough to end the media march Ahmed Abu Hamza ( Software ) where we were together , Mustafa Abu al- Arab , Mohammed Saleh, Salum Kassim , Ali Abu al-Faruq , two members of the al-Sham , against”


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