Swedish Gov Gives Returning Muslim Fighters New ID!

To help them fit back into Swedish society, returning Muslim fighters gets to come back under a new name.

A few days ago, I wrote about a strange article that seemed to expect that those who had left Europe to be Muslim fighters in Syria would be allowed to return. I also pointed out that a Swedish politician was saying that such Muslim fighters should be welcomed back to her country. It turns out, only a few days later, it was reported that Sweden is already doing so, and helping the Muslim fighters remain hidden when they return!

According to Breitbart.com, “Returning Islamic State Fighters Given ‘Protected Identities’ To Start New Lives in Europe.

Hundreds of Swedish residents who went to fight for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria have now returned to Europe and the Swedish government has given several of them “protected identities” to keep locals from finding out who they are.


Swedish authorities have been heavily criticised for welcoming Islamic State fighters returning from the Middle East and claiming to be able to integrate them back into Swedish society.

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Others have slammed the government for the fact that many fighters have been collecting state money even after they have left to go to the Middle East. One man, a former “Islamophobia expert” was able to collect thousands from the Swedish government while living in Raqqa.

Here’s a story from some months ago.

Read the entire story.

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