Swarms of Teens Fighting but No Arrests!

It seems all the police ever do in response to teens fighting is express thankfulness nothing worse happened and beg parents to control their inquent children.

A witness claims she saw hundreds of teens fighting or watching, and the police got a report of shots fired, but no one was arrested.

It seems all the police ever do in response to teens fighting is express thankfulness nothing worse happened and beg parents to control their delinquent children.

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FYI:Parents and or Legal Guardians. Last evening, I met my friend out to have dinner at BlueFin in Sandhills about…

Posted by Monica Elkins on Sunday, June 3, 2018

What is the point of having a curfew for teens if it isn’t enforced? All these teens learned that they could completely take over a piece of property and use it as their playground without suffering any consequences at all.

The State reports, “‘Hundreds’ of teens show for Sandhill mall brawl. These witnesses jumped in to help.

The swarm of teenagers milling around the Village at Sandhill on Saturday evening was “alarming,” but Monica Elkins-Johnson continued into Blue Fin Seafood Restaurant and Bar to meet a friend for dinner.

However, dinner was interrupted when the area outside the businesses erupted into chaos.

“I saw a huge amount of students just running,” said Elkins-Johnson, who is a member of the Richland 2school board. “They were running from the back of the movie theater to Blue Fin. They were running across the street, jumping over cars, running into cars.”

Minutes later, teenagers began fighting in front of Elkins-Johnson, who was sitting on the restaurant’s patio. That’s when the educator of more than 20 years jumped into action to try to break up the fight. A server at the restaurant jumped over the patio railing to help, Elkins-Johnson said.


There’s been no word or estimate on how many teenagers were at the shopping center to fight or watch the fight. In a Facebook post Sunday recalling the events, Elkins-Johnson said there were “hundreds” of teens […].


“They shared with me that there was a Facebook post that stated there were going to be multiple fights at Sandhill at 8,” she said. “They were coming to see the fights.”

Deputies began receiving calls around 7:30 p.m. Saturday that included disrupting traffic, fighting and shots fired, Richland County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Capt. Maria Yturria said.

When deputies — followed by a camera crew from the popular A&E show “LivePD” — arrived, they found a large group of teens hanging around, Yturria said. The teens ran off in different directions, and no arrests were made.

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