Survey Says: Dems More Likely to “Unfriend” You Over Politics

I don’t know about you, but I have been “unfriended” and blocked by a plethora of people on Facebook and other social media sources over politics.

Here’s the kicker, the people blocking an unfriending were liberals who could not handle a difference in opinion. I honestly couldn’t care less. If you want to leave, then I will personally hold the door open for you.

According to a new survey, being unfriended by Democrats actually isn’t a rare occurrence. The survey reports that of the 13 percent of people who lost a social media, liberals were THREE times more likely to unfriend someone post election.

Fortune reports: 

The study shows Democrats were almost three times more likely than Republicans (24% vs. 9%) to have unfriended someone after the election. A similar disparity turned up for self-identified liberals versus conservatives (28% vs. 8%). Meanwhile, only 9% of independents reportedly booted someone out of their online social circles because of politics.

As this graphic shows, the survey also identified “Democratic women” as the most likely of all groups to block someone on social media:

The survey did not ask questions about cutting online ties to others on specific websites such as Facebook or Twitter. The results show 4% of respondents said they did not belong to any social network.

Interesting isn’t it?

This is where I would like to insert one of my favorite quotes by one of my favorite people. As Ben Shapiro has so lovingly stated, “Facts don’t care about your feelings.”

I will continue to share facts on my social media, and I will not suddenly start being politically correct in order to tip toe around anyone’s feelings.

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