Surprise, Surprise: State Dept. Won’t Release Clinton Calendars Until AFTER the Election!

It’s always hard to decipher whether goings-on in government are the result of some “conspiracy” or just the stereotypical mess produced by a bungling and incompetent bureaucracy.

The State Department was ordered back in January of this year to release at least 600 pages of their department’s official calendars – covering Clinton’s tenure as Secretary – every 30 days.

Attorneys with the Associated Press had requested that the documents be completely released before the election. So, they had suggested to the judge a schedule that would allow the State Department to release a certain number of pages on a regular basis that would result in the completion of the project by October 15.

Attorneys at the State Department claimed that they didn’t know how many pages they had, and so they couldn’t determine how many they needed to release in order to be done by the deadline. The judge then ordered them to release at least 600 pages every 30 days. That would give State employees time to gather the documents and scrub them page-by-page of any private phone numbers and email addresses. In some cases, names were censored.

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As it turns out, 600 pages of minute-by-minute schedules cover about 3 months time.

The State Department initially claimed they didn’t know how many pages that were there. But Thursday, they came back with a number, and said that it wouldn’t be done before the election. They said that they have about 2,700 pages remaining. At their current rate, that would push the completion date to the end of December, after the issue has become moot, no matter who wins in November.

Coincidentally, they came back with this figure and this news the same week that Hillary has come under fire regarding the Clinton Foundation donors and what appears to be a pay-to-play scheme. The AP had reported that over half of those private individuals who had met with Hillary as Secretary of State were Clinton Foundation donors, who had collectively given upwards of $156 million to the foundation.

Those numbers were acquired from official State Department calendars.

Did the Clinton campaign get to the State Department and tell them to slow down? Did they tell them to find a way to stall the whole thing?

Or, is it just that they’re “understaffed?” As State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau said, the agency is struggling with thousands of public records requests.

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