Surprise! Obama LIED about Iran!



So Obama lied about his Affordable Healthcare Plan and the video that supposedly caused Benghazi  when it was al-Qaeda all along. But now it comes out that he lied about his Iran nuclear deal.


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Jim Morrison presaged Obama’s failure in his song, “The End.”  In Obama’s beginning was our end.  The day he took office I told my Jewish friend who voted for him that he would be partly responsible for Israel’s demise.


In WWII certain traitor Jews helped the Nazis burn Jews in the crematorium.  Now ninety  per cent of America’s Jews voted for Obama, spelling the future fires of Israel.


Obama said he was dealing with “moderates” like Hassan Rouhani whom he could negotiate with and that he would protect us. He didn’t tell us that the negotiations began with fanatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.


He misled the public not because he wanted to protect them but because he wanted a deal so that he could inflate his legacy.  Obama’s ego is more precious than millions of corpses. The Grim Reaper will be juggling dead babies for a thousand years because Obama wanted to make a self-destructive statement.


When Obama first came to office he told Netanyahu that he would blow Israel’s planes out of the sky if he bombed Iran’s nuclear reactors. Now, thanks to Obama, Iran is ready to annihilate Israel. And anti-Semitic Obama has the votes of the self-hating Jews in his pocket.


Mr. Obama, what will be your legacy  now?  Terrorism funded by your removal of the sanctions, a nuclear war, a bankrupt country?


When we look at the Nazis we think of men like Hitler, Goebbels and Goring.  When we think of the world decimated by nuclear weapons will we think of Obama, Ben Rhodes and Ned Price?

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